Calabozo Hill

The refurbishment of a house that is over a hundred years old involves several challenges for the architect: on the one hand, to give the building back the functionality and usefulness that it currently lacks partially or completely, and on the other hand, and no less important, to give it back its essence, which has been blurred by the passing of the years.

Our approach to this project is based on our admiration for what the building represents, a survivor of the passage of time and urban development.

The intervention maintains concepts that are very representative of the original building, very clear and simple volumes, little ornamentation and the use of noble materials. The pre-existing construction systems are also maintained, such as the sloping four-slope roof with Arabic tiles, the masonry load-bearing walls, the wooden beam forging and the shutters.

From the interior, the openings are aligned and oriented towards the vineyards.


    Casares Costa. 29690 Casares (Málaga)


    120 m² de vivienda + terrazas


    132.000 €

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